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    " I believe I have a sixth love language - listening"

"My art gives me the chance to follow my passion of connection. Almost everyone who views my work has a story, sometimes it’s the initial impression of a species, but more often it’s because the painting reminds them of a person, animal or event from their life, and I get to be a witness to that memory.

 My connection starts with the photograph, it extends to the painting as it unfolds beneath my brush and culminates with the story my painting evokes.” 

     C A Crossman is a master Certified Retreat Coach, public speaker, writer and artist who resides in Santa Fe, NM. The daughter of an artist and musician, C A, a former horse trainer, began drawing horses at an early age. In 1999 she took a watercolor class, and the rest is history.

      Although she no longer has or works with horses, after moving to New Mexico in 1986 she traded in her hunter jumper background for 6 years of riding western and camping on the retired polo pony, Roscoe, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Pecos Wilderness, an experience that solidified her love of the state, its flora and fauna. A longtime Australian Shepard owner and enthusiast she is currently looking for just the right companion to replace her beloved Smudge, once her 4 cats, Dante Alighieri, Dani Girl, Wee Willie Winky and Super-Duper Trooper give their approval of course! 

      C A's portraits are empathetic and lifelike. She began doing portraits after a 20-year hiatus when her customer Jan, asked her to paint his beloved chocolate lab, Chocolove. Chocolove passed away 2 days after his portrait was completed. Jan's gratitude and the comfort he derived from having the portrait made C A realize the gift of being able to paint someone's cherished companion, and she sees it as both an honor and a privilege to do so.

      She admits that not only does she not know how she creates the paintings she does, but she also never knows what a painting actually looks like until it is done, and she has returned to “the real world”.


“Every step of my path has been the result of the generosity

and faith of people who believed in me

and offered the tools, guidance and opportunity to be an artist.

As magical as I find the process of painting,

the true miracle is the mentors, muses and guardian angels who grace my life.”

     C A can be found Sundays at the Santa Fe Railyard Artisan Market (R.A.M.)

Tuesdays at R.A.M. at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.

She exhibits at Yucca Gallery in Old Town Albuquerque

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